Energy & Power

UMAI’s specialty is providing HMLV (High ix Low Volume) customers with end-to-end manufacturing services from design through system build and drop ship. Energy & Power is a key sector for us and has many special needs:

Typically this sector has long life products. Key factors are cost and long term reliability. Long life products also can have sourcing issues. UMAI’s financial strength, SCM and sourcing power are your best insurance policy for low cost and long-term availability.

Reliability requires thorough test to eliminate defects, and burn-in to eliminate infant mortality. UMAI offers you best-in-class test and burn-in equipment backed by expert resources, for testing the most complex product at any stage from prototype to volume production. Click on Test for details.

Judge how well UMAI satisfies the requirements of the power & energy industry by the number of very satisfied customers we have in this sector, as evidenced by their testimonials.

Examples of customers in this sector include OEMs of the following products:

  • Controls for Solar cells
  • Energy controls for Data Centers
  • Power supplies

UMAI has been our assembly house for printed circuit boards since 2001.…worked patiently with us through the difficult prototyping phase…knowing that your compensation hardly matched the effort you put in for us…high volume, precise manufacturing that is so critical to our success…We consider UMAI our most reliable and valuable supply chain partner.”

— Chief Operating Officer

Power OEM

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