UMAI’s specialty is providing HMLV (High Mix Low Volume) customers with end-to-end manufacturing services from design through system build and drop ship. Instrumentation is a key sector for us and has many special needs:

  1. Typical instrumentation OEMs have HMLV but long life products. Many PCBAs are dense, fine pitch and complex.
  2. Since instruments are measuring devices, the boards have to be tested to tight tolerances.
  3. In addition, the final instrument often contains several PCBAs and other parts, and final system test is complex. That makes it difficult and costly to pinpoint and fix defects at the final system test stage.

To satisfy these needs, most instrumentation products require high quality assembly and thorough, accurate test.

For these reasons, UMAI offers you best-in-class equipment backed by expert resources, for assembly and test of the most complex products, at any stage from prototype to volume production. Click on assembly or Test for details. Instrumentation products often have custom BGAs. UMAI uses its Agilent 3070 In-Circuit Tester to test BGAs electrically, and its 3D X-Ray tester to test BGA solder joints in depth. UMAI also has a BGA repair station.

Judge how well UMAI satisfies the requirements of instrumentation OEMs by the number of very satisfied customers we have in this sector, as evidenced by their testimonials.

Examples of customers in this sector include OEMs of the following products:

  • RF & microwave test products
  • Professional Audio/Video recording products
  • Gas detection products
  • High Precision scales

UMAI has surpassed our expectations in nearly every way.”

— VP and Founder

Instrumentation OEM

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