UMAI’s specialty is providingHMLV (High Mix Low Volume) customers with end-to-end manufacturing services from design through system build and drop ship. Semiconductor OEMs are a key sector for us and have many special needs:

UMAI’s semiconductor customers consist of semiconductor manufacturers and those supplying equipment to the semiconductor manufacturers.

Both have typically HMLV but very expensive, long life capital equipment products. Also, their products work in high volume environments where down time is critical. So, achieving a long MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) and short MTTR (Mean Time To Repair) are key. This is a challenge, since each system has many PCBAs and other parts, so statistically MTBF will be short and MTTR long. Also, if even one small board fails at the final system build and test stage, it is costly to pinpoint and fix. Multiple failures make the cost go up exponentially. It gets even more expensive in the field.

For these reasons, it is critical to have thorough test such as ICT (In-Circuit Test) and Burn-in, to catch all defects and infantile failures, before final system build. UMAI offers you best-in-class test equipment backed by expert resources, for testing the most complex product at any stage from prototype to volume production. Click on Test for details.

Also, since these are expensive systems, it is critical to avoid sourcing delays that can result in costly delays to the OEM shipping finished systems. This is an important issue throughout the life of semiconductor products, but especially so at product launch when time-to-market is key, and also in later years when long life products can have sourcing issues. UMAI’s financial strength, SCM and sourcing power, means you can count on UMAI for the life of your product.

Examples of customers in this sector include OEMs of the following products:

  • Solar products of Tier 1 semiconductor manufacturer
  • Process management equipment for semiconductor manufacturers
  • Factory automation equipment for semiconductor manufacturers