Supply Chain Management

  • Turnkey Procurement Service
  • Procurement Team average 15 years of procurement experience in the industry
  • Formal supplier evaluation and Approved process
  • Customer controlled AVL
  • Direct Manufacturer Sourcing or via distribution
  • MANEX MRP System
  • Strong credit with all suppliers means we can get your parts, at a low cost and with no delays

The bottom line is that UMAI has a strong procurement team, with many years of experience sourcing parts and managing the Supply Chain for countless OEMs in situations just like yours. The procurement team has backing all the way to our President, and coupled with UMAI’s financial strength, excellent credit and long relationships with suppliers, gives you a team that knows what problems to expect, how to fix them and the power to make these solutions happen.

Thank you UMAI for many years of the best supply chain relationship anyone in Materials could ever hope for.”

— Materials Manager

Medical OEM

Thanks, for getting us these Hot Shortage parts(JIA1-06119) over to us right away!”

— Materials Manager

Instrumentation OEM

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