Sample Testimonials from Actual Customers:
Original letters are available for viewing at our facility.

"To the Awesome Team at UMAI, - IFH

I wanted to acknowledge and pass on at least one of the many, major accomplishments you have once again performed for IFH. It is amazing to me how your team continues to outperform, out shone and meet commitments time and time again. I have never in my 29+ years working in the Silicon Valley, come across a CM who will do whatever it takes to meet, and in many cases actually exceed the customers’ expectations.

Your commitment to quality 1st, above and beyond all else, is commendable and appreciated. On one of our most recent projects, where you brought a crew in to work the weekend you contacted me to explain that you believed you had found an error and needed clarification on one of our prints. After investigating, we found in fact our Engineer had made an error. This commitment to detail allowed us to correct the problem and in turn, your team was able to meet our Monday deadline. The fast that your team cared more about the product and making it right, rather than building as is, in order to meet our deadline, saved countless hours and calls to our customer explaining the problem and missing our deadline. This shows IFH that your team is constantly on point and making sure the product is done right. It’s this overall commitment that keeps me coming back over and over again.

Over the last 6 years, UMAI has continually pulled out all the stops to meet our, (at times) unrealistic demands in order to meet our customer’s expectations. You have started and stopped a project on numerous occasions when my Engineering department switched a part, changed a dimension or even built up and waited, (for who knows how long) for the final version to complete. All of these attributes make UMAI almost impossible to match or compare with any other supplier.

Please ley your team know that their commitment to the customer, the commitment you have to your people and their training and the due diligence you have to supply a quality product, will keep you well ahead of the competition for years to come.

I applaud the passion you have for all that you do and sincerely thank you for your continued support and commitment to IFH."

— Operations Manager

Fitness Equipment OEM

"Dear Ariene at team at UMAI,

I am happy to have had the pleasure of working with UMAI for many years, 14 years in fact. UMAI has repeatedly exceeded my expectations on price, on time delivery and quality.

Understanding and facilitating the rigid requirements of the Medical Industry is tough but UMAI is able to achieve this on a regular basis and save me time and money by always having the proper documentation outstanding attention to detail and as a result outstanding yield.

Ariene Chou has worked with me through the best and worst situations and has provided a level of service that is unsurpassed. Never has the level of service or quality has been influenced by cost, payment, or otherwise.

I recommend UMAI for any size company or any industry but I feel they are far superior to other CM's in the Medical Manufacturing arena especially.

Thank you UMAI for many years of the best supply chain relationship anyone in Materials could ever hope for."

— Materials Manager

Medical OEM

"I would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to UMAI for continuing to be our #1 supply chain partner. NewTek has been a very satisfied customer of UMAI for over 12 years. During that time our products have grown to meet the fast changing needs of the video broadcasting and web casting markets and UMAI has been there with us every step of the way. We are a very demanding customer and UMAI consistently provides both excellent quality and service and is always able to react quickly to our frequent need to expedite PO’s and change priorities. Their company culture is 100% committed to quality and we consistently find their workmanship to be the highest quality standards. We always find the pricing quote by UMAI to e the most comprehensive in the marketplace.

Many thanks for many years of excellent quality and flawless service."

— Senior Vice President, Operations

Communications OEM

"Dear UMAI staff,

Once again we just want to say thank you for the strength of our relationship over this past decade. UMAI has been our assembly house for printed circuit board since 2001, when we were a two man venture working out of an old ex-auto garage in Emeryville. During those early years you worked patiently with us through the difficult prototype phase of product development, helping rush through low volume builds, knowing that your compensation hardly matched the effort you put in for us.

As the years have passed, our numbers and office space have increased over tenfold, and still we rely heavily on UMAI. But now, it is not only during new product development phases, but also for our high volume, precise manufacturing that is so critical to our success. And, as in the past, we know we can rely on the quantity of your product, its timely delivery, and the ease of working with your team.

We consider UMAI our most reliable and valuable supply chain partner, and consistently recommend your company to other emerging and established companies.

We look forward to the next decade of working together."

— Chief Operating Officer

Power & Energy OEM

"Dear Ariene and company,

It has been our pleasure to work with UMAI for over three years, now. UMAI has surpassed our expectations in nearly every way and become a true manufacturing partner.

We would especially thank you, sandy, Margie, and Jesse for their tireless effort, and willingness to go beyond what was asked. The rest of your tem has been excellent, too.

Cookstop is a young, growing company with great expectations for the future; its own and that of its customers, including the baby boomer generation, colleges and universities, and families and homes everywhere.

Thanks to the team at UMAI, this dream is in the process of being realized."

— Materials Manager

Industrial OEM

"Dear Ariene and the team at UMAI,

Thank you for the outstanding service and great quality that you have provided One Stop System’s for many years.

UMAI is rated a top tier supplier for us. Deliveries are consistently on time, product returns are very low, and responsiveness is extremely quick.

We often recommend you to our customers as a top notch EMS provider that offers a wide array of services effectively and competitively.

Based on the consistent service and quality UMAI provides, we know we will have an on-going, long term relationship with you. Keep up the great work and thanks again!"

— VP Operations

Computer OEM

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