Sample Testimonials from Actual Customers:
Original letters are available for viewing at our facility.

"To the Awesome Team at UMAI,

It continues to amaze me, how over the last 14+ years working with UMAI, your team continues to perform at 110% each and every time. I’ve worked in this valley now for 40 years and cannot think of one other supplier that has been consistent at this level year after year.

Your team can be counted on each and every time. Their commitment to “the details” on each order is exceptional and at times has gone beyond the order. Many times I’ve received calls advising IFH on potential issues, (EOL) of products that go onto our boards and asking if we needed safety stock or finding alternates for us.

Over these last 14 years, UMAI has continually pulled out all the stops to meet our, (many times) unrealistic demands in order to meet our customer’s expectations. Whether an order is scheduled or rushed, your team pulls the information, investigates any potential show stoppers and manages through to the final shipment.

Over the years you have gone from being my #1 prototype and preproduction house, to this and steady state board supplier on several products.

Your commitment to quality and your customers is 1st and above all commendable and appreciated. The commitment you have to your people and the due diligence you have to supply a quality product will continue to keep you ahead of the competition.

All these attributes make UMAI almost impossible to match. I sincerely thank you for your continued support and commitment to IFH."

— Director of Operations

Fitness Equipment OEM

"My experience with United Manufacturing Assembly Inc.,

In 1988, I was in need of a quality assembly house to help in manufacturing a new product I completed under an NIH grant. I met Ariene Chou and the team at UMAI and I knew instantly I had a team of experts I could completely rely upon. My first production run was a nightmare, as my engineer made a major mistake in the design. Even though 99% of the assembly houses would have said “Sorry, it is an engineering problem” and I would have been literally out of business due to my first production run failing, Ariene got her group of very innovative problem-solvers together and believe it or not, they came up with the most clever solution to this engineering failure possible, and in addition, they worked over the weekend to ensure that I made my first shipment date the following Monday. That was over 30 years ago, and to be honest, the level of trust between myself and UMAI is so great that I have not once asked for a quote for the work they do. One time, prompted by a business consultant, I did get a quote from another company, and UMAI was less expensive than they, making clear that the trust I had with them was authentic and very real. With UMAI I feel as though I have a partner in my business, not just a sub-contractor. They advise me when they see smarter ways to manufacturer and have the expertise required to make such recommendations.

Working with UMAI is like working with family. They always have my back and do their absolute best to provide the highest quality product at a reasonable price. Once you get used to the incredible service they provide, you learn to respect what they do as artwork, and recognize the amazing talent they possess. Sure, you may find someone to do the job for less money, but at what cost? The one time we used a different sub-contractor (due to a mistake on our part) 100% of the assemblies came back and failed in QC. That was the last time I considered using anyone other than UMAI, and I highly recommend you consider using them yourselves. When you need a surgeon, you want the best surgeon. When you need a partner to help produce a great product, UMAI is that “best surgeon” that will ensure the success of your product. I can’t say enough great about them from the personalized service to how much fun it is to work with them."

— President

Medical OEM

"Since 1986, every electronics assembly of every analytical and life sciences instrument designed by either my team or myself has been prototyped and built by UMAI. Their ability to “get it right” and “get it done” is unparalleled. From subminiature front end optical sensors or analog transducers to complicated ball grid arrays, I always knew the assembly will come out perfect. We averaged over one new product per year, and UMAI supported us in all phases from R&D, through NPI and on to full manufacturing.

I have dealt with many electronics assembly subcontractors both in the US and overseas. UMAI is the absolute best, bar none. Their priorities and their customers’ priorities are always perfectly aligned. Engineering, Purchasing, Manufacturing and QA can always sleep well because they know their product is in the absolute best hands.

In my opinion, for new instrumentation involving multi-discipline technologies, no other US supplier exists. No one is capable of providing the total peace of mind that UMAI has provided me over the last 30 years or so. I recommend them without reservation to any executive whose company’s future depends on the successful delivery of their next breakthrough instrument.

On a more personal note, all my staff has found them to be a pleasure to deal with no matter how tense or urgent the situation was. There was never a hesitation to pick-up the phone or stop by for a visit."

— President

Scientific Instruments OEM

"Dear UMAI staff,

I started working with UMAI over 30 years ago. Initially I was a small company and had only small jobs for them. They enthusiastically did the jobs anyway. I have used UMAI ever since, as a flexible extension of our own production department, and this has been instrumental in helping RKI to grow and meet our customer’s needs.

Initially we started with UMAI by giving them job pulls for PCB assemblies and other types of electromechanical assemblies. Their quality was excellent, and they were always willing and able to jump through hoops to meet tight schedules if needed by RKI. This expanded eventually into UMAI handling some of our products as turnkey projects for RKI, and again with excellent results. Due to this, we now look at our own internal production for possible projects and products to turn over to UMAI for Turnkey, and this has enabled us to grow and meet customer demand without needing to expand our own facility.

UMAI, and especially Ariene and Evelyn, have been extremely easy and professional to work with. They are good people who take a strong interest in meeting their customer’s needs. I would recommend UMAI to any company that needs help with their PCB assembly and other types of electromechanical manufacturing."

— President

Power & Energy OEM

"Dear Ariene and company,

CookStop was founded in 2008, after a friends' grandmother had a serious kitchen fire. The need for a device to automatically shut off the stove was obvious. Our product is now used in college dormitories, supportive housing, and senior living facilities across the US and Canada.

We had the idea of how we wanted the product to work and engineered the product, however we found out when we met with Ariene Chou, Sandy Gao, Jessy Loh and the team at UMAI how we had missed the mark in some of our manufacturability items.

UMAI didn't tell us to resolve these items in the dark, they worked with us to fix these issues and they have become our go to partner for all future designs.

It is often said that companies give 100% or 110% effort and that the customer comes first, when the rubber meets the road, it is often proven to be marketing speak. This is NOT the case with the folks at UMAI, they ensure that their customers are always taken care of. If the project lead is out of the office, the rest of the team is briefed and up to speed on the deliverables.

In today’s world, launching a hardware product can be filled with pitfalls, by working with the team of professionals at UMAI, they give sound and factual advice on the manufacturing pitfalls, so that you can launch a successful product. Our first customer (10 years ago) still uses the same devices built by UMAI, this speaks volumes for their attention to detail and quality of workmanship.

When you work with the UMAI team you are invited into their family. I have worked at several small companies over the years. I found myself searching for the camaraderie of the elite team that I had in the military. Where the successful mission is the goal and you look out for the teams' family, when the team member is deployed. I don't need to look any further, because the team at UMAI, has that sense of camaraderie, the relationship built in trust and living up to commitments, is why we will stay with them to build our life saving device."

— President

Emergency Device OEM

"Dear Ariene and Team UMAI,

UMAI is an fantastic supplier. Your world class support greatly contributes to our accomplishments. We consider UMAI our strategic partner and know we can always count on your expert feedback, solid schedule commitments and quality products.

UMAI quote analysis and ongoing attention to product viability are top notch. We continually find UMAI’s services to be timely and professional. You’re also extremely nice people with whom it is a pleasure to do business. We look forward to many more years of successful collaboration."

— President

CM for Aerospae and Medical

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